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Good Morning Revival

yea motherfucker. heard my fans are starving? haha. so here u got some shit. today i woke up. the sun was shining in my face. i was not tired. no babyscreams in the night. i thought about saskia coming soon. i was just feeling fine and for about 2 minutes i was probably the happiest person in the world. well, then the world came back for me and now well. my head is aching a little. so much to think about.

i think my plan for the next hours is: watching made. even though i saw this episode fo about a million times. i will tidy up. do my laundry. maybe eat something. than organize my closet. cause i cant find anything in this explosion. so will get out what i dont wear. or s h r u n k.^^ and bring it to the charity shop. cause it went to perfectly with this burma thing. and i will feel a lot better i guess. doesnt that sound like a plan? whatever...

talk to you later_____

28.1.07 12:06

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